About Ronda

Ronda is a Wellness Advocate and Practitioner. She is also a Writer, Speaker, and Certified Career Coach. She holds a Bachelors in Finance, a Masters of Science in Human Resources, and a Master of Art in Film and Media Production. She is also pursuing a Masters in Counseling from Lamar University. 

Through her journey in living with chronic illness and being in recovery for PTSD, a journey that is ongoing and requires her to live moment by moment, she is clear that stories connect us, inspire us, help us heal, and help us grow. She supports individuals and businesses in expressing their stories through words and works with individuals to meet their career and life goals through consulting and coaching services. Born and raised in a one-stop-light town in north-central West Virginia, she has spent the majority of her adult life in Houston, TX. She currently lives in Barbour County, WV with her beloved pooch, Mollie.

A Little Bit of Mental Health Humor

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