Hi. I’m Ronda Suder. Thank you for being here.

Due to my own diagnoses of Complex-PTSD, CFS/ME, chronic mono, and Fibromyalgia, I have come to appreciate how misunderstood mental health and certain chronic conditions are and that there’s a huge gap in information about the conditions and real-life stories of people living with them. My experience with childhood trauma, domestic violence, addiction, and abuse has also taught me how much we underappreciate the impact these types of experiences have on our health and well-being and the mentioned conditions.

When it comes to chronic conditions and mental health, those of us dealing with the symptoms of them are often afraid to talk about it, and if we do have the courage to speak up about it, people look at us as if we’re crazy, so, we shut up. We suffer in silence. Not understanding what’s happening or knowing what to do about it, we do our best to cope — we medicate, we act out, we isolate, we become “stuck.” Or, we suicide, and there’s no coming back from that.

We also might remain silent because the root of our conditions stems from trauma from our past — domestic violence, molestation, abuse, rape, neglect, you name it — and talking about that kind of truth, quite frankly, can be terrifying. Often the people who hurt us are also the people who are supposed to protect us. And, often, those who are victims of abuse or traumatic experiences blame themselves and are buried in unearned shame.

Silence is not OK. Silence is not the answer.

It’s essential that we begin speaking about conditions that are misunderstood. It’s required in order to bridge the gap between assumptions and truth, knowledge and misunderstanding, and recovery and suffering.

Thus, what was once a site to primarily represent my creative endeavors has been expanded upon … to support well-being across the board and open up a much-needed dialogue about C-PTSD, PTSD, mental health in general, childhood trauma, chronic illness, domestic violence, loss, suffering, treatment solutions, and more.

The goal is to share stories to support well-being in whatever medium the messages flow — blogs, guest blogs, videos, song, audio, Q&As, podcasts, comedy, and so on.

Please join me in …

reclaiming well-being one story at a time.

With Love,


Have a question or something to share? I’d love to hear from you!


About Ronda

In addition to being a wellness advocate, Ronda is a writer, screenwriter, playwright, actress, director, and business professional. She holds a Masters of Science in Human Resources and a Master of Art in Film and Media Production. Born and raised in a one-stop-light town in north-central West Virginia, she has spent the majority of her adult life in Houston, TX, where she currently lives with her beloved pooch, Cinderella.






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