Wedding Services


Hi, as you might have guessed by the name plastered throughout my site, I’m Ronda! And I’m excited to learn about your upcoming ceremony.

In addition to being a wedding celebrant and officiant, my company also provides wedding vow and speech writing services for the wedding party. Scroll down to learn more.

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Wedding Celebrant

Whether you’re looking for quick, get it done ceremony or you’re looking for support from start to finish, I offer package deals for a variety of needs and budgets.

I am an ordained, non-denominational officiant. I am happy to work with you to incorporate religious components, family traditions, cultural traditions, and other options that you might want to include for your special day.

Call: 832.646.3565

Wedding Vows

Does your heart know what you want to say? But your mind is making it more difficult than you’d like for it to be?

I totally get it.

Our wedding vow service provides you with one-on-one time to ensure you capture the essence and energy of what you want to say to your partner-to-be. I can work with one or both partners to develop the perfect wedding vows for your perfect day.

Call: 832.646.3565

Wedding Speeches

Are you the lucky Best Man, Maid of Honor, Father-of-the-Bride or groom, or Mother-of-the-Bride or groom? And you’re a bit anxious because you know you’re designated to give a speech?

And writing or articulating how you feel isn’t your strong suit?

We’ve got you covered!

Our speech writing services ensure you get one-on-one time so we understand exactly what you’re looking for when putting words to paper. When we are through, you will have what you need to fully express what you wish to say.

Call: 832.646.3565