We Have Begun  

you are my friend
you are my love 

the seeds are planted
it has begun 

it wasn’t yesterday that we met
nor last year did our  bodies connect
with an intuitive guide
somewhere in between
the clock was set

though for centuries
maybe our souls have known 

and it might not be ’til later
that our truth is shown

so until then … 

let Love be the guide
to gently remove the lies 

let the Proof of  our existence
allow us to sit with any resistance 

let Faith provide guidance
to remove any hindrance 

let us Listen from our youth
as our hearts beat Truth 

let Patience be the virtue
for which we  continue 

let the Power of our connection
allow for Resurrection … 

you are my Friend
you are my Love 

the seeds are planted
We  have begun

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