Straddling the Fence

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Straffling the Fence

The wind took me away beneath my wings
It laughed and it smiled as my heart beat wild

I bowed my head when I took that last breath
The one before he touched my lips

The sun beat down to say hello
Its healing powers love me so

The airplane landed as he took off
I smiled tears of joy, though it was tough

Yes, I understand these words might seem insane

Yet they do not flow from my lips
Nor do they flow from my fingertips

Through me they come from somewhere else
I’m just the tool used to belt

Ever so gently I hear the whisper
Please speak, please share, please express

So I cannot hold them in you see
(words, I mean)
For to do so would only bury the seed

I’m not sure I can help you understand this mess
And no, my love, my friend, it is not a test

You look at me and you might see right through
Especially when I speak the truth

And the truth, I get it, it’s a lot to bear
(Sometimes it’s difficult to believe it’s worth it)
Unburdening the cross that is ours to wear

Though as the ancient story goes
The cross becomes a symbol to release our woes

I don’t know if this makes any sense
Hell, I’m writing it while straddling the fence

Though the words do flow off of my tongue
And to hold it in, I might get stung

So I listen to that voice without reason
And trust if you’re reading this, it’s a piece of your season

As I’ve learned many times before
The perception of anything is solely yours


 Video/Audio recording of “Straddling the Fence” by Ronda Suder

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