Your Life is Kind

Originally posted on Ronda’s former blog “Modern Day Gypsy” on September 27, 2016.

No matter from where your trials, sorrows, or sufferings might stem, I wish for you to find the strength, courage, truth, and perseverance to keep moving in the perceived face of adversity, hurt, and pain, as we walk together on the healing path. With Love, my heart is with you…

Your Life is Kind

Your life is kind. Your life is soft.
Though the timing of things might seem off.

I realize it is suffering that rarely feels as if it’s in perfect timing;
But it is only in hindsight that we come to understand Wisdom’s refining.

The pain and the hurt; the hole in your heart;
The ignition for awakening from the tearing apart.

From the fresh tears, new light can seep through;
And our Souls can heal from all the past wounds.

Consider it a sweeping by the most powerful of winds;
Removing the old dust, mold, and rust in our human-ness limbs.

Limbs made up of body, mind, and soul;
As well as the spirit, emotions, and Love’s full bowl.

Faith moves us forward
Hope lets us breathe
Prayer gives us answers
Spirit gives us Will to wipe the blood from our knees

It might be that none of this makes any sense;
Just some words from someone’s meandering lips.

Or maybe it reads crystal clear;
Flowing through from some Divine messenger.

Either way, there is one truth.
This life can be beauty when you look for the proof.

Not to say the pain isn’t real,
Nor that the suffering one should not feel.

On the contrary, embrace it as your Will will allow.
Let the Angels support your rise as you take a bow.

For out of the ashes we can choose to rise;
From the gut-wrenching pain to the glorious prize.

The strength is within you, one moment at a time.
You’ll piece it together; the Higher Power as your guide.

Your pain of loss is deep and real.

I know.

I do.

And it sometimes feels like it will take you to your doom.

But Faith moves us forward
Hope lets us breathe
Prayer gives us answers
Spirit gives us Will to wipe the blood from our knees

And Love, the most powerful of all,
Will bring in the sun to heal from Winter through Fall.

You will rise again, sooner or later.
Don’t push or pull; no force is needed.

Simply be with your heart and allow the answers to flow.
Be in your moments as they come and they go.

The hard ones, the high ones, the suffering woes.

For Faith moves us forward
Hope lets us breathe
Prayer gives us answers
Spirit gives us Will to wipe the blood from our knees

And Compassion, a close companion to Love, can grow and bind us as our sweet ashes blow.

We are in this together, whether it feels like it or not.
Are your eyes staring back at a Soul’s eyes forgot?

I am Love.

I am Me.

All of this flows from the roots of belief.


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