She entered the room with grace and style.
The onlookers, at their round tables, stared into her.
Her weak smile met their gazes as her eyes scanned the room.

“Leave me alone,” she thought, “I am exhausted by your expectations.”

She stood tall in front of the crowd of spectators, though her Spirit wanted to buckle. She simply did not feel like laughing this evening… or smiling or putting on any level of a show.

“What would they say if I did not?” she wondered.

Would they be surprised? Would they accept her as she was in that moment in time? Could she just be herself and that be enough?

Yes, quite possibly. Though tonight, maybe she would just turn around and leave.

Then, he stepped beside her and locked hands with hers. A pulse ran through her as their eyes met.

Her heart had forever beat differently since the moment she had met him, as did his.

She looked into his Soul’s awareness, as he looked into hers.

They smiled at each other as she nodded with knowing. Her weak smile gained strength as they entered the crowded room together and took their seats.

Fortunately, there was no completion between them. No, they did not need to complete each other’s lives, for they were each complete all on their own.

Instead, they enhanced each other’s lives, and they were fortunate enough to know it and appreciate the difference.

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