She got lost on her way to life the other day and met a man.

He looked at her as if she might be the love of his life.

She smiled weakly at the thought and stepped away from him  gently.

“Will you be like all the rest?” She thought, “Will you show me who you are or hide away the tarnished and scarred parts as if all you have are shining stars?

For I promise you, I’m full of tarnished parts and scars, and I’ll show them all to you, if I can trust you to show all of yours to me. For It is thanks to those parts and scars, that you’ll also receive what is now the best of me.”

“Are you willing to earn the love I think you seek?” she asked the man.

“Who said it is love I seek?” he replied.

“The soul in your eyes and the pound of your heart that I hear in your chest,” her soft spoken words surrounded him.

He tensed up at her authenticity and vulnerability. 

“You act like you know me,” he said, almost defensively, though he did not know why.

“I might not know you, but I do see you,” she replied. 

“I see you, too,” he quickly shot back, “You’re hard to miss with your beauty and form fitting dress.”

“Thank you, sir. I appreciate that. And I wish you all the best,” she turned to find her way back to the land of life.

“Did I say something wrong?” the man asked, surprised by her pulling away.

“No, not at all,” she said, as she looked back at him with a sad smile in her eyes, “I was just hoping you might see the tears in my heart, the pain in my being, the love in my eyes, and the perseverance of my spirit.”

He appeared confused.

Recognizing his confusion, she attempted to explain, “I’m patiently waiting for someone to arrive who is willing to fully see me.”

And then she turned and made her way back to life, hopeful that her newfound clarity would open the way for her and that someone to find each other soon.

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