She fell asleep at the wheel –
not on purpose.

It’d been a hell of a week.

Fortunately, she was parked…
in the driveway.

Waiting. Crying. Wondering.

It might sound odd or even funny to some.
But it wasn’t either, really.
It simply was what it was in the moments of tears, thoughts, apprehension, or paralysis.

Sometimes, the sense of fatigue was so heavy, all she could do was sit and ponder, half-heartedly, how to move.

Unless you lived in her body, it might be difficult to understand.

She was nowhere near lazy – far from it.
Most days, anyway.
Sometimes, it was just really difficult for her to move any part of her body.

Mind over matter?


Well, sort of.

She could succeed with mind over matter.
Though she learned that in the force, she would also pay the price.
Instead of falling asleep at the wheel for a few hours, she would be down for days, weeks, or more if she forced herself to move when her body wasn’t ready to or capable.

Yes. You are correct.

At some point, she would have to move –
to get out of the car and make her way into her home.
After all, she would need to bathe, eat, sleep some more, and… (fill in the blanks).

Eventually, she was once again awake.
As she lifted her forehead from the steering wheel, she decided to forgo her travels for the day.
Her eyelids simply would not lift and remain open for long enough.
Instead, she dragged herself back into her home and crashed on her sofa.

Just a typical day in the midst of a flare.

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