Set Free

**For a video/audio recording of this post, scroll to the bottom of the page.

Originally posted on Ronda’s former blog “Modern Day Gypsy” on April 27, 2017.

Set Free

It’s not been perfect
My  life of good
I sit here exhausted
In a world full of could

My eyes are weary
They’re wet with tears
My body hurts
But it has for years

I look around
So many people walking by
Do they understand Love?
Or even “Hi” and “Goodbye?”

When you lay me to rest,
Will you say that I loved?
Did I fully live?
Will I look down from high and above?

My heart has been broken
It’s also been healed
Time as the friend
It wheels and deals

My beautiful life
With so many scars
They’ve taught me so much
Especially how to break the invisible bars

So through the heartbreak and suffering
With each breath of life
Don’t let the pain numb you for very long
And I do understand it can cut like a knife

No one deserves to steal your laughter
For your beautiful smile, the world needs to see
You have a choice from here and after
And only you, my friend, can set you free

Only I, my friend, can set me free…

Much Love,


Video/Audio Recording of “Set Free” by Ronda Suder

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