The Angel

Originally posted on March 30, 2017. Intro slightly revised 1.28.19.

These words began to flow one day when I was pondering on the idea of suffering and how some of us go through several life battles, and at some point, we can’t help but question when they’re going to stop and what the higher purpose is. From illness to break-ups, to losing people we love, to betrayals, to abuse and then some, it seems none of us are immune to life’s ups and downs. Though some of us seem to have several struggles that can pile up over time, and we can’t help but ask “Why?”  “Is there a greater purpose in all of this?” 

When I was listening to a podcast recently, the speaker spoke to the idea that those of us who suffer on this earth are here to rise above and have the ability to do a lot of good for the world around us. Sometimes, we need to be patient and trust in the timing of when we’ll rise out of the ashes and move forward to do the good we’re moved to do. I felt the truth in his words, and know that how we react to life’s struggles matters — to know that the human spirit is resilient and can persevere with the best and the worst of times — and we are stronger than we think we are. My acting coach, Connie Cooper, used to always say, “Don’t let the pain be for nothing.” In class, that meant to use it in our art and work, and in life, I believe it carries over into anything we’re doing, and to somehow find how to use our “pain” for good. 

So here is a short story of sorts from these meandering thoughts. 

And here’s to rising out of the ashes, my friends… 🙂

Much Love,


“You deserve a life of brilliance,” the Angel said as she kissed my auburn brown head.

“I’m not sure if I have much more resilience,” with a bowed head I quietly said.

“Your spirit is stronger than you could know, for it is only in hindsight that you know what you sew,” her gentle response, “and you’re already brilliant–your body, mind, and soul. You are infinite and amazing beyond what you know.”

“If that is true, why do I still struggle so? From day to day, it comes and goes. Suffering a choice no more, for in my heart and body are sores,” I replied. “What did I do? Have I done something wrong? Are the judgment lookers sane in their song? Their looks leave no question as to their internal thoughts.”

“No, my dear child, you have not done wrong. You did not manifest this, but I do understand your suffering song,” she said. “Please be gentle. Patience is required to come on in from the hindering fire. You are not being judged by the soulful Maker, and the earthly beings do not know of your beautiful heart that makes the world better.”

“But to ignore their looks is hard when I have suffered already,” I said in a defeated tone, “I know they might not know what they do, their lack of compassion, salt in a wound.”

The Angel replied, “Patience. Patience, as you dance this dance. Your season is coming, trust in the greater plan. Your suffering marks you with a special, special gift; and you’ll know when you’re ready to stand with it and give. Consider the timing, beautiful, beautiful soul. You have been held back a lot, I know. But this path you are on is not for the weak, nor for the weary. It is not for the faint of heart, the unloving or unkind. It is a path chosen for you, and you will rise up and the ashes will blow.”

I nodded with appreciation as the tears filled my eyes, to which she responded, “Have Faith, my child. Soon, it all will become clear. You will rise above, and you will persevere.”


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