If My Mind Should Leave

Originally posted February 16, 2016

Some recent prose I wrote while in the midst of a major health flare. My illness often humbles me, brings me to my knees, and forces me to reconcile what I once thought with what is real and true in this moment. It also provides space for more understanding, patience and compassion for others, because I first must have more of all of these things for myself. 

If My Mind Should Leave

If and when my mind should leave
Please understand it isn’t me

For there are two competitors at times
And they don’t work together to create a fine rhyme

One is the truth, the other an illusion
Though the illusion is truth with a bit of pollution

In so many murky waters we swim
And it’s sad that we often swim without fins

Whether a depressive cry or an anxious plea
We’ll do what we can to get it to leave

And so blind trust feeds the monster’s existence
While those without a (root) solution bank from its persistence

A medicated band-aid leaves us with hope
Though without caution, it’s a slippery slope

The pill in a day might mask the illusion
But the underlying monster still needs a solution

Somehow we know that the feelings are not as they seem
Yet they’re as real and strong as a foundation beam

Whether a depressive cry or an anxious plea
Only if you’ve walked in these shoes will you know what I mean

Much Love and Gratitude,


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