Spectacular Suffering

Originally posted September 22, 2016

For the brave and courageous souls who are doing their best to journey through life’s adventures with love, compassion, vulnerability, and surrender.

Spectacular Suffering

My heart hurts; my mind is weary
As I step into our Nature’s clearing

The Sun beams down on my glistening hair
The Grand Mother watching, a sign that she cares

As I surround myself with Earthly matters
I can hear the Nature Workers’ pitter and patter

The Angels above kiss my cheek
For words it is they need not speak

The Deva at work for the grandest of schemes
Though I secretly request the timing of things

My life is beauty; my life is grand
Though still within it, I need a hand

A moment’s breath; a tear to heal
It takes so much courage to truly feel

A slow deep breath or a sudden high
A long hello or a quick goodbye

This is my life shared with you
A you to be defined as being most true

It sometimes makes sense as the messages flow
Other times interpretation requires patience to show

In this moment with weary blue eyes
I request Grace and Peace in the midst of the whys

Life is beauty; Life is grand
Though still within it, we need a hand

Patience my daughter,” the Ancestors’ whispers fall on my ears
It will not be for nothing–the spectacular suffering of your wonderful years

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