Broke Through

For those that have experience with C-PTSD, you might relate to this piece in a way that’s different than those who do not. With that said, regardless of what brought you here to read it, I trust it will speak to you in whatever way it is meant to.

Much Love,


I found you there in the midst of the dark

I wasn’t sure if I should be quiet or talk

Your face was so sweet, so gentle, so kind

It was almost as if I was looking back at mine

Your tailored dress, curly hair, speckles of freckles, a stare and a glare

You were lost in a world of structural diffusion

And I was right there with you in a world of confusion

You were my lifeline, though I didn’t yet know it

I was your lifeline, though I didn’t yet know it

You spoke truth for so many years, in so many ways

Though you were locked away, so the price we paid

Until one day, your strength broke through

And I had no choice but to sit with you

I finally heard you; I saw it all

And I witnessed you grow up as I let down my wall

We are lost no more, a beautiful recall

Our season is finally here – Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall

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