My Lips are Wonderfully Free

Every once in a while, I’ll begin a poem and put it down for a while. Sometimes, I even forget that I started it, and accidentally stumble upon it at some future date, as was the case today. When I opened the Word doc with the title “My lips are wonderfully free,” I read through what I had written and it brought a smile to my face, so I quickly added 5 more phrases to complete it.

For me, this is a lighthearted piece about waking up in life and doing the work to move forward from the past — a past that is filled with trauma and the root of my C-PTSD, in my case. However it speaks to you, may it bring a smile to your face, even if in the midst of difficult times.

Much Love,


My Lips are Wonderfully Free

My lips are wonderfully free
The glossy shine as a smile surfaces
Ready to kiss the one who truly sees me

My heart beats steady and fast
The rhythm like the beat of a drum
Ready to receive love that will forever last

My hair drapes my pale white face
The shadows cast like the forest trees
Ready to hide an expression misplaced

My eyes are beautifully awake
The tears ready to flow at any time
Ready to discern what is real vs. fake

My senses are fully alive
The awareness to live, breathe, and die
Ready to burst into life

I can no longer wither with the passing of time
A wallflower I am not
I must come back from the land of the lost

Thank you to all that I visited there
Please wake up with me
No more blank stares

Our future awaits us
Our present does, too
The sky is so, so beautifully blue

My lips are wonderfully free
Ready to catch loves gentleness
It’s time to let go of the hindering lease

My lips are wonderfully free
Ready to give loves gentleness
Chains, you can go, you are now released

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