“Words” was originally shared on Facebook on March 20, 2014

We often fail to realize how powerful words are. In many instances, I have wondered where the “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me” saying came from, for I’m clear that, from personal experience and observation, the attack of verbal abuse and the scars it can create run deeper than many physical injuries do. Broken bones and bruises heal with time, but the effects of trauma and verbal abuse (including any traumatic event that can cause physical harm, such as physical abuse that causes broken bones) can last for years when the wounds of such abuse and trauma are left untreated. The following was written a few years back as I considered these thoughts and the power of words…

With Love, 





words are thought-forms indeed.

they’re powerful. they’re brief.

they can heal. they can sting.

a writer’s release…



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