Common Ground

by Ronda Suder

When self-proclaimed madness makes us look at the world with uncertainty
When the ferocious laughter from the earth makes us tremble
When walls and borders are futile attempts to keep out the invader
We might stop and think of the world we’ve created

When life as we know it can no longer exist
When there is no turning back from what currently persists
When the world cries out in unison because no one is immune
We might stop and consider that neither side of the grass has ever been greener

When the warning signs have been ignored 
When tragedy hits home when we thought we were somehow above it
When ignorance can no longer have a seat at the table
We might finally wake up and learn from that storytime fable

Epidemics have existed and persisted for years
Abuse, discrimination, poverty, protected inequality
Yet, if it’s not happening to “me,” then it’s somehow not my problem
Yes, if it’s not happening in “my world,” I must somehow be above it


When it hits home, and humility takes over
You might finally wake up and realize you were never alone
You just thought the rest of us were

And our arms will be open for you, still

For we all stand on the same common ground
It just takes some of us longer to realize it than others

Though sadly, for some, the illusion of uncommon ground will remain
And it’s up to the rest of us to call it by name

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