Ronda Suder Blog Burn

by Ronda Suder

“Burn,” said the Heavens to the fiery pits of hell, “Let the ashes result from the sins being charred. Cleanse away the privilege of guilt, the groomers’ lost regret, the hatred of the abusers.”

“Why?” asked the girl to the Heavens above, “Why should they receive the cleansing when we’re the ones they made bleed red?”

“So the perpetual sins can finally end—for you, your sisters, your mothers, and your future daughters,” the Heavens replied.

“Aren’t they getting off easy?” the girl asked.

“Oh, dear child, you misunderstand. It is your courage, perseverance, spunk, and recovery that started the fire. They felt your burn and the torture you all endured at their hand,”

the Heavens continued, 

“The cleansing is for you. For once the rubbish is cleansed from their souls, what remains is their reflection of truth to eternally face. Hell, for them, has now begun.” 

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