I fell off the boat and hit my head on the water’s sharp edge
Buried beneath the ocean’s wreckage, my words and thoughts left me bruised

Out from the shadows, the Wicked Witch came
She reached out her hand and saved my name

I could hardly breathe when her hand suffocated mine
Lifted up, my body surrendered to the air’s dull knife 

I thought for sure she’d throw me back in
And hold me under until the salty water burned from within

Teasing me as her silent laughter ripped through my Soul

“Wake up. Or be killed,” her bloody lips released
As the ship’s broken parts tossed about from beneath

My limp body resisted as I pried my eyes open
My eyes locked with hers, and she released her grip

The free fall tore my breath away
I gasped for air, dying to be born again

A part of me died in the sea that day
And another part was born, and I called her Grace

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