I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted… Things have been shifting and settling in my life, primarily for the good. And it’s not uncommon for me to take a pause until the spirit moves me to share prose once again. So, here we are. 😉

I’ve come to appreciate that, with every relationship, we are presented the gift of opportunity to grow, expand, learn, and repeat. Sometimes, the growth, expansion, and learning can feel painful and challenging, while at other times, it can feel beautiful and joyful. The key is that, whether moving through a painful and challenging phase or a beautiful and joyful phase, mutual love and respect are present and remain throughout.

The following is some prose that moved through me based on the questions I find many of us have when we desire true depth and vulnerability in our relationships. True depth and vulnerability requires us to appreciate the humanness and conflict that are a natural part of our lives and that we make the choice to show up and collaborate to navigate life together with respect, dignity, grace, and love.

Hand in Hand
by Ronda Suder

If I gave you all my love, would you accept it easily and freely?
If I stood before you naked, would you protect my heart from breaking?

My love is yours. Is your love mine?

Intertwined, yet independent; independent, yet intertwined; may we walk together, your hand in mine?

Will you kiss my lips and always remember when our souls first connected?
As you touch my skin and feel my heart, may all the weariness be forgotten?

As life can leave us black and blue, know I will stand beside you, and together, it’s possible for us to move on through. And though the pillars might sometimes shake, we can choose to allow our foundation of love and strength to keep the walls from falling in, even amidst our humanness. 

The choice is ours to walk hand in hand – to choose to love from beginning through end – to choose to say, “Yes, you are my partner, my lover, my friend.”

The main question: Are we willing to show our Souls to each other with all the vulnerability required to do so fully? To allow all of our hopes and dreams to manifest — to know unconditional love from this day forward? My soft-spoken prayers sent up to the Heavens request that the answer is “Yes.”

My heart is yours. Hand in hand.

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