Sweet Child, Cry Your Tears

Suffering. I’ve heard some say that we’re not meant to suffer on earth — that we’re spiritual beings that aren’t here to suffer. I wonder if those people have ever experienced human emotion? 🙂

Through my experience, I have come to appreciate that suffering is part of the spiritual journey. It is through suffering that we rise above, we build character, we recover and heal our souls, we help others recover and heal, we inspire, and we learn to exist from a higher place than we did prior to the suffering.

Now, I don’t believe we are meant to be “stuck” in suffering. Suffering is meant to be transient — and it’s essential we come to know this to be true in order to move forward. We must trust and have faith that the future will be brighter as a result of our suffering, as tough as it might be to believe that when we are in the midst of our pain. To rise above, we must be willing to be with our suffering, explore it, get to know it, become intimate with it, and then move forward from it at the time we are ready to do so. The time it takes to move on from it could be hours, days, or even years… it takes as long as it takes … and there is no room for judgement in your journey. I believe that we must face our suffering and be in the midst of it and truly experience it in order to move on… so the suffering will be no more. It is through our suffering that we come to exist in the light.

The leader of a women’s leadership workshop I attended in 2017 shared with the group… “The greater God’s love, the greater the pruning.” May that quote bring peace to you in the midst of your suffering as it has for me many times over.

I wrote the following poem just a couple of years ago at a time when I was often on my hands and knees praying for answers to support me in getting better — to be able to recover from the health flare-up that was preventing me from living the life I so desired to live. Though many might assume that my words flow so they can be encouragement for others, often, words like these flow out of me to serve as a mirror and encouragement for me, as well.

Much love…


Originally posted on September 27, 2016

Sweet Child, Cry Your Tears

Oh sweet child, cry your tears
Don’t let the demons hold your fears

The gremlins will come out to play
Your tears can calm their nervous ways

With each new episode, stand up and be seen
You have nothing to hide; have faith and believe

Oh, sweet child, the pain shall pass
Have faith in the Angels and the healing path

I know it feels like your mountain is crumbling
Consider it rather, as a boulder’s great trembling
Clearing room for your miraculous smiles
Even if it feels like you won’t see them for miles

Oh, sweet child, I know your pain
You’ve done nothing wrong, you are not to blame

With each new episode comes new perspective
A clearing of shame for your story to be receptive

Your suffering is real, and it will serve you well
It is not forever, your strength will prevail

Oh, sweet child, cry your tears
Don’t let the demons hold your fears

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