(Please) Be Gentle with My Life

Originally posted on Ronda’s blog “Modern Day Gypsy” on October 23, 2016.
Slightly revised on January 23, 2019.


Sometimes the words I write flow through me onto the page, ready to be shared within minutes. Other times, they flow through and then request they are put down until the time is right to complete them. This was the case with “Please Be Gentle with My Life.” You can read the sweet events of one morning that brought me back to complete it by reading the post “Moments to Be Seen.“

Our lives are filled with imperfections and life lessons from which we can learn, but they need not define us. For anyone who has felt they needed to hide, feel ashamed of their choices, run from life, or shrink away to avoid it, it’s time to share, have compassion, and be gentle with yourself and others. 

(Please) Be Gentle with My Life

Please be gentle with my life as you read the pages of my book.
I know there are imperfections that might force a second look.

I have loved the best that I know how and have loved with all my heart.
I’ve laughed until I’ve cried, and I’ve cried until not another tear could be heard.
I’ve suffered with the best of them and have danced with the gentle and wild winds free.
I have scars that are visible all over my body; others are hidden like the roots of a marvelous tree.
I’ve done the best to carry on when I wasn’t sure how to stand,
and it’s taken me some years to know it’s OK to need a helping hand.

As you read my story, please be gentle, and use it as you need.
Lean on the pages for support, as you might choose or please.
Though be cautious in your judgments as the imperfections surface,
for my life has not been written without many of life’s lessons.
I will share these with you, as to not hide or shrink in shame,
for if anything you can learn from me, then my pain is not in vain.

As you journey through my pages and write your book, as well,
please, in the “imperfections,” relish, and in the miraculous conceptions, marvel.
Know that life is a winding road without a clear end in sight.
Know that you’re always good enough and can muster the strength inside.
So many questions will surface, and the answers you need not force.
When you feel like you can’t get back up, call me for support.

As you explore the writing of your book, with each new page you start,
write those pages with all you have, and don’t hide from any part.
My heart will always love you, regardless of your choices;
I will not judge you for your conditions and will listen to you and your positions.
I might not always agree, but we will work together to find internal peace.
This is not a walk you need go alone through the good times nor your grief.

Please be gentle with your life as you read the pages of your book.
I know there will be imperfections that might force a second look.

As I share these words with you, in the mirror I must look;
to go with my intuition’s knowing and be OK with the choices I took;
for every day to be gentle, have grace, and unbreakable faith;
to cooperate in this space and trust the timing of my fate.
When my life comes to an end; I’m not sure what the title will be;
though when it’s bound together, a life of integrity I hope you read.

As you read my story, please be gentle, and use it as you need.
Lean on the pages for support, as you might choose or please.

As you read your story, please be gentle, and don’t be afraid to bleed.
Read the pages with love and grace, and choose to live by your beliefs.

For it is your life to lead.

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